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Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan

September 05, 2011

Ummm, this morning, I remembered about one film that inspired me. That is 'Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan'. It released when fasting month began. I watched it alone in the cinema in my town. It adapted from the book with same tittle. Here is the synopsis.

This is the cover of the film.

Well, in a small town, a girl named Gita Sesa Wanda Cantika (Dinda Hauw) lived happily. People call her Keke. She has parents that love her so much. She has 2 brothers (Dwi Andhika as Kiki & Egy John as Cika) that also loves her. She has 6 bestfriends that always beside her to support. And she has Andy (Esa Sigit) , her boyfriend that loves her. Keke thinks that her life is so complete and she loves all part of it.

Until someday, she feels something wrong with her eyes. Her father decided to go to the doctor to check what is really happen. Doctor said that Keke suffered from Rhabdomyosarcoma. Illness that attack her face, especially her cheeks. It only attacks her left cheek. But she never know about it. Her father told that she's just suffered from sore eyes.

Then her illness getting worse and makes her as a 'monster'. She never stop trying to recover from her illness. Her parents who are divorced always there for her. They bring Keke to the specialist doctor to undergoing chemotherapy for a year. It makes Keke's long hair loss, her skin dry, and frequent nausea. But they always patient to wait until Keke was declared cured from her illness. She can do all things that she loves again.

One day, she hear that her father argued  with her brother, Cika. Cika was a good boy before their parents divorced. He drinks alcohol, he joins wild race, he rarely go home, and etc. When Keke heard it, she cries alone in her room. And the next night, she followed Cika to the place of the wild race. Cika is so mad. But Keke still in his car and don't wanna get out. Cika drives worstly and and suddenly down Keke in a road near their house. Keke enter house and tell noone.

A year later, Keke feel the same wrong thing in her face. Her parents bring her to the doctor again and guess what Keke suffered again from the same illness and now it attacks her right cheek. Her parents, her bestfriends, her brothers, Andy, and she was very surprised. But she never give up. Cika suddenly aware and cares about Keke and her illness. And one day she writes a letter to God. After her persistence to wait and cured from that illness, Keke die. Maybe she is too tired to wait. She leave sadness to all people that know her. And they just can say Goodbye to Keke, wish she is in the best place near God. Amin.

This is Keke and her 'Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan'.

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